Installing & Using Chrome Remote Desktop

We can use Chrome Remote Desktop to connect to your PC or laptop if our agent isn’t yet installed or our remote control software isn’t working.

  • Navigate to this link: Chrome Remote Desktop. Please note you will need a google account & chrome to download and install this extension, you can create a google account by clicking here, and you can download chrome by clicking here.
  • Now you need to click add to chrome. A popup box may appear asking you to confirm, please click ‘Add’.
  • Once the extension has been added you can either click the ‘apps’ button in the top left corner, just below the back button or navigate type chrome://apps/ into the address bar.
  • You should now see ‘chrome remote Desktop’ in the list of apps, please click it and then click ‘Get started under ‘Remote Assistance’.
  • Now please click the ‘Share’ button next to ‘Share This computer for another user to see and control’ 
  • You may be asked to ‘Download Chrome Remote Desktop host Installer’, please click ‘Accept and Install’
  • A file will be downloaded, you should see the file in the bottom left corner, please run and install this.
  • Once this has run you should see a 12 digit number in the Chrome Remote Desktop window, the number will be in this format: 1234 5678 9012
  • This is the number you need to send us so we can connect to your computer.
  • You can cancel the connection request at any time by clicking on the Cancel button, once you have clicked that we will not be able to connect.

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