Install CilixDrive on MacOS

This article will walk you through installing the CilixDrive sync client on MacOS. 

  • Click the download link that you’ll be sent with these instructions
  • Double click to run the .app file, then enter your Mac credentials. 
  • Click Next, then accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click ‘Next’ and then ‘Finish’
  • You can then open CilixDrive by clicking the ‘Applications’ folder, and then double-click the ‘CilixDrive’ icon. 
  • Please enter the credentials provided with the instructions, and click ‘Sign in’. 
  • Please leave a ‘Default destination’ selected, and then click Next.
  • You can then select what files you’d like to sync with your Mac.
  • You can then click finish. 

You should notice a Cilix icon in your menu bar at the top of the screen, if you click on this you can see the current sync progress. 

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