Creating and emailing Contact Groups in Outlook


Please find below instructions on how to create and email a Contact Group from within Outlook:

Creating a contact group

Click People on the Navigation bar.

On the Home tab, click New Contact Group.

In the Contact Group box, enter the name of the group. In this example, we’re creating a group called Neighbourhood Association. Click Add Members and select one of the following:

  • Select From Outlook Contacts – Add group members from your own Outlook Contacts.
  • Select From Address Book – Add group members from the Address Book. If you’re using Outlook with a business email account, this option usually includes company contacts.
  • Select New E-mail Contact – Create a new contact and add it to the group.

Select each contact you want to add to the group and click Members. When you’re finished adding contacts, click OK, then click Save & Close (you can highlight more than one at a time, using CTRL or SHIFT).


Sending an email to a contact group

Click Mail on the Navigation bar.

On the Home tab, click New Email.

In the new email message, click To.

Select the contact group and click To, then click OK.

Please note that it is not recommended to email a large number of email recipients at the same time (this can cause issues when the email tries to go through the Email Servers). For a large amount of email addresses for a single email, we would recommend using a third-party service, such as MailChimp, which is designed specifically for such tasks.

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