Working remotely with COVID-19

As you can imagine we have seen an enormous increase in requests for remote working in the last few weeks.

Getting support

To make the most effective use of our helpdesk please raise a support ticket by emailing us on

Please let us know:

  • who you are,
  • what company you are contacting us from,
  • your contact details, and
  • include succinct details of your request or issue.

If you have encountered an error you might want to take a screen shot of the error message using either of the apps that Microsoft provides – Snipping Tool or Snip and Sketch (click on the Windows icon in the bottom left of your screen and type snip).

Local co-ordinator

If your request is for help with remote working bear in mind that there may be a nominated person in your company who will be able to initially field your query before passing it on to us if they are unable to help.

Ongoing support

We have recently taken on additional resource in anticipation for this surge, so don’t be surprised if Liam answers the helpdesk phone (you may remember Liam from last year).

We are currently providing our normal support service from our office and homes. This is our normal way of working and has been for some time. We don’t anticipate any issues in continuing to provide support going forward.

However, there may be issues if a site visit is required – this will depend on personal circumstances and the current government recommendations.

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