Installing Cilix Monitoring Agent – MacOS


We can use a monitoring agent to let us know the status of computers/laptops and to give us remote access to computers and laptops. It will be necessary fo us to send a file to you for the monitoring agent to be installed. These instructions should help you install the agent on a Mac system.


  •  Double-click on the file we’ve sent you, called ‘OSX_AGENT.DMG’
  • Now you’ll need to double-click on the ‘Advanced Monitoring Agent.pkg’ in the window that just opened. 
  • Once the package file has opened you should be presented with a window titled ‘Install Advanced Monitoring Agent’. Please click Continue, then install. After you’ve clicked install you should be prompted for administrative credentials. Normally this is the username and password you use to login to the Mac.      
  •  Our agent will then install. Once the progress bar has  completed you should see a ‘The installation was successful’  message, please click close in the bottom left of the window. 
  •  Open your applications. This can be found either in  the taskbar at the bottom near the trash or by clicking the finder  icon to the far left of the taskbar, and then clicking ‘Applications’ on the left side of the finder window under  favorites. Now you have the applications folder open you need to  double click on ‘Utilities’, this is normally near the bottom of the  folder. 
  • You should see an ‘Advanced Monitoring Agent’ icon, please
    double click on this. 
  • Enter the credentials that we will provide in the email we send to you.
  • Enter a description, we’d normally recommend using your name, after that you’ll need to choose a client and a site from the scrolling drop down menus. We’ll send you these in an email along with the login details.
  • Once you’ve entered the credentials please click ‘OK’. The install is now complete, and our monitoring and remote control software will begin to download and install in the background. 

Once these steps have been completed we will be able to see the device in our monitoring system. Please let us know you have completed these steps by e-mailing or calling us on 01252 758244.


It is also possible to install the monitoring agent on a supported Windows computer, please contact us if you are interested in this.

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